• Bor Khyar

    Bor Khyaryn Sand Dunes, 200 km long, are the sand massifs, situated along the longitude in Khunguin River Basin. The sand dunes are stretched to the west to southern Khyargas Lake joining Zavkhan tsagaan Tungyn and Shiir Ovoo Zamyn Khudgyn sand dunes and extend to the east until the east shore of Telmen Lake.

  • Suikhent

    Petrified trees which have been considered as geological remains are found in 95 km in southwest of Mandakh soum in the middle of a small hill, named Suikhent, located in the west of Khurentsav, which is situated in the southeast of the soum. These petrified trees can show us that there was a forest in the area in ancient time.

  • Altain uwur gobi

    Altain Uvur Gobi covers an area over 800 km including Northern Baitag Bogd, Aj Bogd and Edren mountain ranges and Eastern part of Ingen Khuuvriin Khotgor to the east. Altain Uvur Gobi is divided into several Gobi such as Gurvan Khuurain, Yol khonym Khonin Usny...

  • Ergeliin zoo

    This Nature Reserve is located in 20 km north west of Khatanbulag soum of Domogobi province. North side of the range is very straight. The range is popular, not only in Mongolia but also in the world, with thick sedimentary deposits of ancient sea ancient bio residues.