The mammals

The mammals are the animals that included in the range of the vertebrates and their females have dairy glands or breasts. They have male and femala hairs and glands. They were divided into three main categories such as the egg nesting, baggy and alive-born. The mammals have warm blood and 4-chambered hearts. Currently 1.200 types, 153 families, 29 subfamilies and 5.400 species of’the mammals were registered from where 140 mammal species were registered in Mongolia and 60% of them are the rodent animals. The mammal animals divided into four habitat areas such as the mountainous, steppe, forest and water environments. For example, the Snow 'Leopard, Argali sheep, Siberian Ibex and Beech Marten were classified as the mountainous animals; Mongolian Gazelle, Fox, Wolf and Corsac Fox were classified "as the steppe animals; Gobi Bear, Deer, and Siberian Musk Deer classified as the forest animals as well as the Beaver and beech Marten were classified to the water animals. The endangered animals like Wolf, Bacterian Camel, Snow Leopard, Wild Boar, GoiteredGazelle, Kozlov'spygmy Jerboa, Thick-tailed Jerboa, Asiatic Wild Ass and Gobi Bear were listed in the Mongolian Red Book in order to prohibit their hunt.

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