The Gobi-Altai aimag



The Gobi-Altai aimag is located in the most western part of Mongolia and surrounded by the Bayankhongor aimag in the west , by Zavkhan aimag in the north , by Khovd aimag in the west and bordered with China in the southern parts. The total territory of the Gobi-Altai aimag is 141.4 thousand square kilometers. Located in the 6th timezone of the world. The aimag itself has a mountainous region that extends from northwest of south. The lowest point is located in the Shargiin Shonkhor with 948-1.200 above the sea level and the highest point is located in the Sutai Mountain with 4.090m above the sea level. Outer part of Gobi-Altai region inner part of the Gobi region , respectively.
Climate : The aimag has a continental harsh climate , hight mountain ranges are cold in summer and warm in the winter times. In the deserted and low parts is hot in summer and has a heavy storm mostly in the winter and spring seasons.
Climate zones : Alpine high mountainous taiga zone , forest steppe zone, mountainous zone, desert steppe zone and deserted zone
Vegetation : The vegetation of the aimag is divided into 6 typesL
The low mountainous ,deserted grasshoppers and with the some fungal plants in the desert steppe vegetation;
The areas with the vegetation with shrubby and woody plants;
The lake valleys and dry rivers with dry vegetation;
The meadow and meadow-like plants in the high mountains;
The lymph plants and meadow steppe vegetation in the low and mid-ranged mountains; dry steppe vegetation;
Also it is rich in the unsustainable groups  of sandy plants and medicinal plants.
Wildlife : From the deserted and Gobi reptiles the Toad-headed Agama ,Snake , Mongolian agama , Tatary Sand Boa lives only in the inner deserted area of the Altai range. There are also the endangered species that listed in the Mongolian Red Book such as the Bacterian Camel , Asiatic Wild Ass, Przewalski's Horse. Argali sheep ,Siberian ibex , Gobi-bear, Mongolian Saiga , GoiteredGazelle , Snow Leopard , Grey Wolf , Red Fox as well as Rabbit.

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