Ongon sand massif, covers 127 area on the steppe of Dariganga, is 35 km away to the east of Bayandelger soum centre, 37 km away to the north west of Ongon soum centre. The sand is on a hard surface isolating water, therefore, there are many springs and small lakes as well as some wells. Five springs namely East spring. Middle spring (9 km long) Deep spring (5 km). Steppe Spring (6 km) and West springs are sourced from north of Ongon sand, One of beautiful oasis is here. Around Middle and West springs, there are some trees and bushes. A small lake is 1 km from the Middle spring and some wickers grow around this small lake. There are some oasis called Salaanli Rashaan, Dund Bulgiin Tsoorkhoi, and Gun Bulgiin Kharankhui. The most beautiful one is last oasis, because trees grow both sides of the little stream and top sides of the trees touch each other. Mineral water from the sand Is very cold even in summers and Includes many minerals and medical herbs. Some woody, shrubby and herbaceous plants grow here. There are also some animals like wolf, fox, Mongolian gazzele, black tailed gazelle, rabbit, lizard, black beetle, pallas's sandgrouse, shelduck, duck and gull. There is a Craftsmen's workplace ruin of Stone Age in Shar Burd, located on the east part of the sand. Some rare archeological finds like stone rolling pun, scrapper, knife , and other instruments, as well as bronze arrow, and vase been have found here. A nomad's centre is being built here.

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