Mongol sand covers an area of 2742 from the west shore of the Zavkhan River until Borkh and Sulin Adag sands. The bottom parts of the sand moves easily because the sand dunes have very little plants. Black beach grass and sand wormwoods dominate this area as well as some wormwoods and white wickers. Animals like the fox, mask deer, rabbit, pallas's sandgrouse, tomtit, owl, lizard, black beetle and ant inhabit the area around the edge of the sand although not in the middle. In the middle of Mongol sand is Tsunkheg sand dune. Ikh Duut dune singing and Baga Duut sand dunes are to the south.
Those sand dunes are much taller than others and have straight sides and sharp tops with heights up to 1589 m. There are some oasis with sea buckthorns, malts and salix grandifolias.
There are some smaller lakes around Mongol sand. The biggest lake Is Sanglin Dalai Lake which covers an area 15.5 and is 7.9 km long, 2.6 km wide, 3.8 km deep with 8.6 km of shoreline. Shelducks, ducks, and seagulls come here during the summer months. Local people like to swim here In July as it is known for its healing properties for ailments like blood pressure Issues and joint problems. There are also some other lakes including Duruu. Gun and Ereen lakes. Duruu lakes is located to the south of Mongol sand and covers an area of 1.7 , is 1.6 km long and 1.4 km wide. This lake contains a lof of cooking salt. Gun lake is 1.2, 1.2 km long and 0.8 km wide with a 3 km shoreline. Ereen lake has a 4.0 area is 3.8 km long, 1.7 km wide and has a 10.2 km shoreline. Those lakes have two kinds of fish. There are also many birds.
The tall sand dunes on the west shore are 1600m and look very beautiful. Ereen and Ajig Lakes were created  from the Mongol sand blocking the Zavkhan River. In order to protect ecosystem and biodiversity of Mongol Sand and develop tourism, Mongol sand with 283000 ha area has become National park according to decree number 06 of State Great Khural of Mongolia since 2010.
The largest sand region
The largest spread sand dune in Mongolia is the sub-region of Mongol Els. This sand dune stretches 300 km long along the Zavkhan River from Durgun-Khar Lake to the southeast, and accounts for 8.2 thousand area, which is the 18.8 % of total sand areas on Mongolia.

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