This is very significant area not only in Mongolia, but also In the world. It is one of two eco zones in Mongolia belonging to 200 eco zones in the world. This area is humidly steppe with many rivers, lakes and swamps, and many species of migratory birds from Asia to Arctic and also lots of birds from warm-climate countries come here to spend summers and lay eggs. Over  90 bigger and smaller lakes are here including Khuh, Galuut , Angir, Ikh Davst, Duruu, Chuh, Khaichiin Yagaan, Bust, Galuutain and Khukh  Nudnii lakes. For flora in this steppe consists of Daguur Mongolian, eastern Siberian and Manjuur types of plants  mainly spread over here. And some kinds of plants, mainly grow In Mongolian steppes dominate here. 3491 types of plants have been found here and among them steppe and swampy plants are much abundant that others. 31 species of mammals inhabit here and it is the north place of antelope migration. This is home place of some rare birds like white-naped cranes, Eurasian cranes, bustards and swan gooses as well as black and white cranes, gulls and many other migratory and shore birds. Totally, 256 species of birds have been found here, particularly in Tari, Duruu lakes and Ulz river. The area became protected area in 1992 and Russian "Daguur Protected Area" and Chinese "Dalai Lake Protected Area" and Mongolian "Mongol Daguur Protected Area" became an International Protected Area in 1994.
Also this steppe is registered in Ramsar's Convention and international network in northeast Asia for protecting cranes in 1997. Ulz River, rises from east of Khentii Range, is in the steppe. The river is 428 km long and flows into Tari Lake in Russia. This river is fed from 27500 area. Wideness of the river is 16 to 32 meter and deepest is 1.9 m. Turgen, Duch, Sevkhuul, Mujian, Bus, Tuulait and Urt rivers flow into Ulz River. Severel steams branches out from the river and one of them, called Teeliin River, flows into Khukh  Lake. The river freezes at the end of October and melts in April. Basin of Ulz river is rich in fish, birds like swan, goose, duck, shelduck and some other animals.

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