Ergeliin zoo



This Nature Reserve is located in 20 km north west of Khatanbulag soum of Domogobi province. North side of the range is very straight. The range is popular, not only in Mongolia but also in the world, with thick sedimentary deposits of ancient sea ancient bio residues. Ergeliin Zoo is high land covered by deposits with finds of ancient and extinct mammal fish, turtles and lizards. Local people have been worshipping this area since early times and
horse racing and wrestling ceremonies were hold here before. Many rare archeological finds had been found here by initiation of American scientist Endrius in 1922, then after Efremow.E.A from Russia and Yavarovskaya from Poland, respectively.
Two kinds of new minerals have also been found here. More than 70 species of plants are here including saltwort, beach grass, wormwood, wild leek, yellow tree and elm. For flora in this area, there are some hoofed like black-tailed deer, antelopes, wild asses, meat eaters like foxes, mask deer, wolves, lynxes and badgers as well as some
birds like pallas's'sandgrouses,. partridges, black kites, crows, owls and buzzards.
Ergeliin zoo is considered as the main habitat for wild ass. Ergeliin Zoo is named by
skeletons of giant dinosaurs were discovered in Ergeliin Zoo Natural Reserve, The rocks of Ergeliin zoo Natural Reserve are World famous for its paleontological remains of Dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era.



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