Darkhad depression

The Darkhad Valley is a big tectonic depression, nestled between Khoridol Saridag Range and Ulaan Taiga Range. The depression is 15 km long and it covers an area of 4400 sq.km The North side of the depression is 30-40 km wide and south side is 10-15 km wide. Its altitude is approximately 1500 m lower than the surrounding mountains. This is the Western most one of the three depressions in Khuvsgul. The landscape of the depression is completely different from the surrounding mountains Ulaan Taiga, Soyonii Mountains and Khoridol Saridag Range. This even steppe is inclined from east to west. The lowest point is Dood Tsagaan Lake in the North West.  This forest is located 30 km north of Renchinlkhumbe soum centre. Interestingly, sometimes methane gas escapes from the swamps and it explodes in a fountain. 
    The Shishged River starts out from the depression and the river is sourced by many streams and rivers from the surrounding mountains like the Arsai, Sharga, Jargalant, Khoton, Khug, Gunai, Khodon and Jarai rivers. The depression is said to hold ‘one thousand lakes and then thousand mountains’. 
White-fish are mainly fished. 15 species 67 of mammals have been found in the depression including one type of hare, 13 types of rodent, 9 types of carnivarous and 2 types of hoofed mammals, as well as 219 species of birds. Among the birds, 67 species of birds are water and swamp birds. 43 species of birds lay their eggs in the despression. The Tsaatan ethnic group who herd Reindeer still live in teepees and huts in the surrounding mountains of the Darkhad Taiga and they are regarded internationally with special ethnic value. 

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