Altain Uvur Gobi covers an area over 800 km including Northern Baitag Bogd, Aj Bogd and Edren mountain ranges and Eastern part of Ingen Khuuvriin Khotgor to the east. Altain Uvur Gobi is divided into several Gobi such as Gurvan Khuurain, Yol khonym Khonin Usny, Alag Nuuryn, Zakhui, Zarmangyn, Myangany, Nomingyn, Shargyn and Naryn Khukhyn and separated by mountains and hills.
Goviin Ikh Darkhgan Gazar, Mongolian biggest strictly protected area, located in the south of Altai range or along south border line of Mongolia. This is 15th biggest protected area in the world and it is consists
of 'A' and 'B' parts. Those areas have been protected since 1975 and 1995 in order to protect Gobi desert landscapes and some animals, listed In Mongolian and International Red Books, Including wild camel, wild ass, black tailed deer, Gobi bear, ibex, wild sheep, snow leopard as well protect their living environment and grow numbers of the animals.
In order to save its beautiful but vulnerable ecosystem and endangered animals of Altain Uvur Gobi, it has protected under the status of Strictly protected area since 1975. This protected area covers total 5.3 million ha area including A and B parts.
A part covers 45149 area including some Gobimountains like Idren Range , Segs Tsagaan Bogd , Atas , Chinggis , Arslankhairkhan , Shiveet Ulaan , Khurtsiin Shand as well as some oasis like Nomin Tsenkher , Shargiin Gobi and Ekhiin Gol. This home of wild camels ,registered in international Red Book. B part covers 7968 area and some mountains including Baga Khavtag (2699 m) m Ikh Khavtag (2918) , Khukh Undur (2553) and Takhiin Shar Range (2725 m). These mountains have straight sides, deep glens and big rocks. Wild horses are being acclimatized in Bijiin Steppe, involvedin B part of the protected area. Saltwort, broomgrass and saxual trees are mostly found here but some woody shrubby and herbaceous plants grow around some springs and oasis.
However, there are some places I without anyplants. Fauna in this area mainly consists ofwild camels, wild horses, black tailed deer, wildasses, Gobi bears, horse-files, ibex wild sheep and snow leopards as well as some birds like vultures, buzzards, owls, tawny owls and snowcocks. UNESKO registered this area in „World biosphere ire network" in 1991.


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