Petrified trees which have been considered as geological remains are found in 95 km in southwest of Mandakh soum in the middle of a small hill, named Suikhent, located in the west of Khurentsav, which is situated in the southeast of the soum. These petrified trees can show us that there was a forest in the area in ancient time.
According to the scientists, the land of the area was pushed downward by tectonic forces in early Jurassic Era and forest trees were disappeared under lake water and gradually, covered by mud flows and sediments as well as top of the petrified trees was raised and appeared on the ground.
The petrified trees have lived for 60-120 millions of years and the Russians named the tallest petrified tree as „Bolotni kapiras" or „ Marshy cypress". There are over 2 ... Read more »

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Bor Khyaryn Sand Dunes, 200 km long, are the sand massifs, situated along the longitude in Khunguin River Basin. The sand dunes are stretched to the west to southern Khyargas Lake joining Zavkhan tsagaan Tungyn and Shiir Ovoo Zamyn Khudgyn sand dunes and extend to the east until the east shore of Telmen Lake. The sand dunes span over 5.3 thousand area, which constitutes 29.3 % of sand dunes of Great Lakes Depression and becomes the second largest sand dunes in Mongolia.

Bor Khyaryn Sand Dunes and its east neighbor Mongol Sand Dunes are 3.4 thousand long. This sand dunes Is one of the most beautiful branch of sand dunes and richest In water, grass, trees and shrubs as well.

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