Hello, We will introduce the Gobi Desert and the natural sightseeing attractions of Mongolia. Mongolian Gobi is one of the world's largest deserts. The difference from Sahara Desert is that the Gobi has sand dunes and is the largest fertile land with rocky stones. There is an extremely climates. It reaches to + 40C in summer time and -40 C in winter time. One of the world's largest biosphere reserves is the Gobi Nature Reserved Area which is larger than the Switzerland Territory. For over 40 million years, Gobi was a dry land with no sea water. Deep domestic water pools in south of Mongolia was connected through the North China Water Pools which was covered in a wide steppe in Central Asia. The Gobi land was created because of the land dry. When you arrive in the area, you will see the world's rare wild animals, historic and cultural monuments. Our mission is to introduce Gobi regions to those who love to travel and to seek new. Also we would like to help people for travelling nature-oriented. Therefore, new friends, new places and many more adventures are waiting for you. Please enjoy the adventure spending some of your moments.

9 Reasons to Travel to Mongolian Gobi

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